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Building the Wiki

Hey there, I've finished e game so I have all of the titles & can give screenshots of anything including the enemies you won't see till the last 2 levels.

I'm new to this whole wiki thing so I don't know very well how to add & update content, but if someone wants me to send them stuff to post I can & will.

I've been friends with SeeleyCat for a little while now, she can vouch for me.

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There are too many variables.

Might need to get rid of all the variable and just have a standard page.

Unless it just becomes a long table of levels - rarity - stats


That's what I was talking about.

Actually, I love what you did! Arranging by extra ability is a very good idea! Another thing that we could do is somethink like "bether in this". For example: staff-like weapons usually don't have good attack, but use to have better "magic attack"; armors with no extra ability, like the Solar Armor "pattern", use to have better defense; and so on...

Now, I have a HUGE list of weapons, armors and runes. I've noticed a few patterns, like the previous examples, but not all of then. I have a lot of things from lvls 02/03/04 (new game at new slot) and lvls 13/14 (when I've started to take notes at my "oficial" game).


Oh, another thing!!!

I'm taking notes about the monsters too!!! And they are CONSTANT!! An lvl-10 monster has aways the same stats!! --- oh, i've just noticed that i forgot taking notes about the exp/RP/gold they give!!! TT^TT

Anyway... We can do a complet bestiary. I've started the new game to take notes about the lower lvl monsters (the "recapture" thing changed the standart lvls!!! >.<"). If each place have really the same monsters, as I'm gessing, we can even map then! <3

(of course, after a long time working...)


I think the creatures are standard with their stats per level.

The weapons, armor, and runes seem to have random stats though for reasons unknown to us.

It is interesting though the abilities some have instead of others.


Item stats have some variability based on the level of the item (which is hidden), and the rarity of the item. The level of the item dropped is at least the same level as the player, never lower, and can be as high as the level of the monster you defeated. I suspect that some of the mystery chests may offer higher level items as well.

Over time if you're watching, you can see this. For example, find a really low level monster to grind, say they're a level 5 and the player is level 10. Now watch the items that monster drops. Then get to level 11 and fight that same monster and wait for the same item to drop at the same rarity, and you'll see now that the stats are higher.


oh, that's way too hard for my digital illiteracy!! @.@

after knowing this, maybe the bast way to regist the weapons/armors stats is by math! I mean, try to find a "base" stat and put the math process based on iten color and lvl (saying all that thing about comparison with player and monster lvl).

nice! but how?! =/ I have no idea how get the base stats or the formula... TT^TT and now, the headache!


It would be easier if there was a formula that existed that we could plug everything into.

This is assuming that there is a formula for progression and it isn't completely random.

We see items of the same obtained level and rarity with different stats sometimes.


well, if itens really have a lvl, so that's not the player lvl that is important. we can conclude this in the post from that misterious person. I don't remember were i've got those items, but while i was level-ing up (does this word exist in English?!), i've found another "same-color-diferent-stats" items. i'm lvl14 and i'm fighting a lvl15 monster. so the armors that i can get must be at least my lvl and goes untill the monster lvl. so the 2 items has diferents stats because they was lvl14 and lvl15. but this doen't explain the prices (the best item seams be cheaper...).

diferent items must have diferent formulas too - i don't know. but at least, they must have diferent base stats...

and again... the headache...


oh, and should i stop taking notes about the weapons/armors? will you want it anyway? I've just keep taking notes because i didn't clearly undertand your decision!! ú.ù

Do you think the notes will help with adding information to the wiki for finding a pattern or formula to fill in missing statistics?
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