Areas are located in SpellFall and can be accessed from the World Map.

After an area is completely cleared it collects gold. Each area can only collect a certain amount of gold before reaching its maximum capacity. The maximum capacity amounts can be found here.

Each area has a boss at the end.

After reaching a certain point in SpellFall, cleared areas can be recaptured by the enemies and parts of it will have to be completed again.

If an area is cleared it will appear as green on the World Map. If it is in progress it will appear as purple, and if it is still locked it will appear tan with a lock icon on it.

SpellFall has 15 areas varying in different numbers of locations.

Below are the different areas in SpellFall.

Specific information on each area can be found on the individual area's page.

Specific Areas Number of Locations
Everlight Village 6
Augur's Forest 17
Nightsbanes Tower 22
Ruins of Chronis 19
Temple of Water 21
Koperov Ironworks 22
Temple of Flame 24
Lost City of Kytish 19
Temple of Earth 20
Denkuts Cavern 25
Temple of Spark 28
Korimoor 30
Temple of Cold 30
Darkon Vale 33
Darkon Castle 31



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