Battles occur after the player presses the green "Fight" button on a location screen while in an area.

After pressing that button the player has an option to buy up to three potions prior to beginning the battle.

The hero will attack first unless the enemy has a surprise attack.

Each time it is the hero's turn to battle he/she has a certain amount of moves indicated at the top-middle of the screen in the move counter.

When the move counter runs out the enemy being fought will attack the hero.

The hero's moves are performed on the puzzle board by strategically moving tiles.

If the player connects at least three tiles of the same type then the enemy will receive damage.

If the player has at least one glowing spell tile in his/her column/row then an elemental attack will hit the enemy causing more damage to it.

At the top-left of the battle screen is the hero's health bar, and on the top-right of the screen is the enemy's health bar.

When one of the health bars reach the end so there is no green showing then the battle is over.

If the hero wins the battle his/her convert tiles will convert into gold and the player will collect his/her winning experience and gold.

While in battle active runes can be charged and used if the player has one equipped.

If the rune is fully charged and ready to be used it will begin to glow in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Players can switch between active runes if he/she has more than one at the bottom-left corner of the battle screen.


  • Arachnite Spell Tile Connection Hit


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