Critical Boost
Ability Increase Chances of Critical Hits
Buy GoldIcon 800
Sell GoldIcon 160
Explanation Critical Hit Chance Increases
Chances Increase At Higher Levels
Boost Rune Level Boost Values Below
   Tri-Elemental Icon   Note: Runes must be equipped to be able to activate and to gather rune points in battle.

Rune Level Rune Points To Next Level
1 75 RP
2 150 RP
3 225 RP
4 300 RP
5 ??? RP

Rune Level Boost Value
1 Crit. Chance: 1%
2 Crit. Chance: 2%
3 Crit. Chance: 3%
4 Crit. Chance: 4%
5 ???


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