This log will be updated as changes to the content of SpellFall are made.
Most Recent Update

Update 1.6.0

Update 1.6.0 (14 January, 2015)

  • NEW content and challenges!!!
  • End game cinematic when you beat the final boss
  • New Game+ mode. Keep your stats and equipment, and play again with a higher level cap
  • Tons of new weapons and armors with new stats
  • Russian translations

Update 1.5.0

Update 1.5.0 (09 December, 2014)

Update 1.4.0

Update 1.4.0 (13 October, 2014)

  • Events! SpellFall can now offer events with special bonuses!
  • Pay COINS to resume interrupted daily reward progression.
  • NEW recapture design! Recapture starts with boss node and may spread throughout the area if unattened.
  • NEW unique items: the Light Claideamh. This weapon does extra damage to corrupt enemies.
  • NEW mystery box with chance to win unique items like the Corrupt Claideamh
  • Area bundles. Get great items tailored for the area you're in.
  • Tap on locked areas to see names and elemental affinity.
  • Fixed Facebook login bug.
  • New Icon

Update 1.4.1 (28 October, 2014)

  • Same description as Update 1.4.0

Update 1.3.0

Update 1.3 is not listed in the AppStore.

Update 1.2.0

Special Announcement (13 August, 2014)

Update 1.2.0 (12 August, 2014)

  • Free daily rewards including Epic Swords!!!
  • Localized in Japanese and Korean
  • Epic Swords available for purchase
  • New ‘slayer’ item stat
  • Special items can grow stronger along with player level
  • All loot dropped more powerful and valuable (oranges and purples are incredible!)
  • New item Quality: Gold
  • Ability runes have Bronze, Silver, and Gold visualization when applicable
  • Item card available during Victory Screen (tap item icon)
  • Overkill: text visualization when triggered

Special Announcement (14 August, 2014)

  • SpellFall was made an Editor's Choice in the Apple App Store

Part 2 (20 August, 2014)

Part 3 (3 September, 2014)

Special Announcement (12 September, 2014)

  • SpellFall is launched on Google Play in Canada!

Update 1.1.1

Update 1.1.1 (10 July, 2014)

  • Overkill coin bonus
  • UI cleanup
  • Bug fixes

Update 1.0.0

Update 1.0.0 (20 March, 2014)

  • No Information

Update 1.0.1 (31 March, 2014)

  • Bug fixes

Update 1.0.2 (21 April, 2014)

  • Bug fixes

Update 1.0.3 (27 May, 2014)

  • Free daily item via new Mystery Boxes
  • Upgrade the number of rune sockets for armor and weapons with coins.
  • Replenish the store with entirely new items.
  • NEW RUNES!!!
    • Stun Ability Rune - Stuns the enemy to give the player extra moves.
    • 5 Weaken Ability Runes - Weakens the enemy to a specific element.
    • 3 Charge Runes - Passive runes that increase ability charge rate when equipped.
  • Shuffle Ability now has 3 tiers. As the tier increases it shuffles more tiles on the board.
  • Transmute Ability auto-switches when appropriate, in case transmute creates new matches.
  • Increased level cap from 22 to 25.
  • New content! 4 new areas, more enemies, armors, and sounds.
  • New Board Effects! Prettier cascades, convert titles, spells, etc.
  • New Introductory Experience: Cinematic and Tutorials.
  • New UI displaying buffs or debuffs for each character and how long they will last.
    • For example, when the enemy is poisoned.
  • Improved communication in the store and inventory menus.
  • Items no longer auto-equip.

Future Updates

 To the SpellFall Wiki Users:

  • We do not know about what will be released in future updates.
  • We do not know when new content will be released.
  • We do not know when future updates will occur.
  • Information will only be posted once it has been released in the game.
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