The Glossary is located at the bottom of the Help Menu accessible through the Settings screen.

Below is the list of words and definitions Backflip Studios has provided in the SpellFall Help Menu for players.

The list does not appear in alphabetical order, but rather grouped in sections such as tile types, and the definitions for the terms for the list at the end of a battle.

+ Runes - magical items that give you special powers. They are equipped on weapons and armor.

+ Sockets - these are the slots where runes can be equipped.

+ Armor - the clothes the character wears when going into battle.

+ Weapon - the means by which you will attack.

+ Potions - boosts available at the start of any fight.

+ Spell Tile - glowing tiles that, when matched, create an awesome elemental spell.

+ Convert Tile - special tiles that convert whole rows and/or columns to the same element.

+ Abilities - supplemental magical stats or spells you get from equipping runes.

+ Active Ability - abilities that are charged by matching tiles and must be triggered in combat to use.

+ Passive Ability - abilities that are always active, such as increased attack power, or a chance for extra moves each turn.

+ Ability Tiers - the three levels of intensity that can be unlocked for active runes.

+ Haste Potion - gives the player extra moves at the start of a fight.

+ Convert Potion - spawns convert tiles prior to the start of a fight.

+ Enchant Potion - spawns spell tiles prior to the start of a fight.

+ Critical Chance - a percentage chance that an attack on an enemy will deal extra damage.

+ Extra Move - gives the player an extra move before their turn ends.

+ Drain - the power to partially drain the life of an enemy and add it to yours.

+ Poison - when an enemy is poisoned , each move you make will deal additional damage to your enemy. It wears off over time.

+ Stun - stunning an enemy will slow them down, giving you extra moves.

+ EXP Points - experience points. You can level up by filling up you EXP point gauge.

+ Rune Points - experience points especially for runes. Level up your runes to increase their potency.

+ Collected Coins - the number of coins earned by making coin matches during fights.

+ Victory Coins - additional coins awarded when beating an enemy. You get extra for the first time you defeat each monster.
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