The Medical Aid feature is available after a battle if the player does not have full health.

The Medical Aid is accessible from the World Map and Area Maps.

The price of using the Medical Aid varies depending on the hero's level and how much health is required to fully heal.

There are three tiers of Medical Aid; "Revive", "Fatigued", and "Heal Now"."

If the player lost a battle there is an option to "Revive" the player. This option restores the most health.

If the player has less than half of his/her health the option to restore health is called "Fatigued", and it costs less than using "Revive" on the hero.

The last option which appears when more than half but less than the full amount of health is available is called "Heal Now" and would cost the least of the three tiers of Medical Aid.

As the hero approaches full health on his/her own by waiting for the timer to reach 0 minutes 0 seconds, the price to use the Medical Aid features decreases as well.

The player has an option to "Heal" the hero or "Wait" if he/she does not want to pay for Medical Aid.


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