Mystery boxes is an option provided in SpellFall for players to spend real money to get a random item.

Items can result in a weapon, armor, or rune.

The Mystery Boxes Menu is located in the Store at the far left of the Store row.

There are four types of mystery boxes available for purchase:

  • Bronze Box - Chance For a Rare Item
  • Silver Box - Chance For a Super Rare Item
  • Gold Box - 1% Chance For a Unique (Gold) Item
  • Platinum Box - 5% Chance For a Unique (Gold) Item

These are the prices for the mystery boxes:

  • Every 24 hours a player can buy a Bronze Box for free.
  • The time is indicated by a countdown in the menu.

Name Rarity Prices
Bronze Box Rare Item £?.?? $0.99 €0.89
Silver Box Super Rare Item £1.99 $2.99 €2.69
Gold Box 1% Unique (Gold) Item £4.99 $6.99 €5.99
Platinum Box 5% Unique (Gold) Item £12.99 $17.99 €?.??

BronzeMysteryBox SilverMysteryBox GoldMysteryBox PlatinumMysteryBox
Bronze Mystery Box Silver Mystery Box Gold Mystery Box Platinum Mystery Box



  • On October 13, 2014 the Platinum Mystery Box was added to the Mystery Boxes Menu.

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