Rarity is a tier system in SpellFall which helps the player identify which weapons and armor are worth more and are better to use.

There are seven types of rarity which exist in SpellFall.

Rarity can be identified by the color of the "Rarity Flag" in the top left corner of the individual weapon's or armor's Inventory or Store card.

In order of most rare to least rare is:

  • Yellow (glowing)
  • White (glowing)
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Light Gray
  • Dark Gray

Yellow rarity weapons appear in the Buying Stuff Menu, and on the 20th consecutive day of the Daily Rewards. They can also appear as item drops from fights with silver or gold enemies.

The other types of rarity appear for both weapons and armor in the Store and Mystery Boxes.

White rarity items only exist as weapons, there are no white rarity armors. White rarity weapons do not have versions that exist at other rarities.

Some weapons and armor may have versions which appear at different rarity levels.

  • For example, the Dueling Cane is available at both green and blue levels of rarity.

The rarity of each rune has not been determined yet, since they do not show a rarity flag. It does seem like certain ones show up more often than others.



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