Recapturing can occur to areas which the player has already completely cleared.

When returning to a recaptured the creatures are more difficult to defeat, but will reward the player with more experience and gold.

While an area is recaptured it will stop generating gold to be collected.

After an area is fully cleared by the player after being recaptured it will produce more gold than it did previously.

When an area is recaptured it begins with the boss node and works it way through the rest of the area.

For the maximum collection amounts of gold for recaptured areas which are fully cleared again please look here.




  • On October 13, 2014 recapturing of areas changed so they begin with the boss node and then spread throughout the rest of the area if the boss isn't beaten quickly.
  • On December 09, 2014 recapturing of areas became an optional with the addition of an ON/OFF toggle in the settings menu.
    • Areas which were already recaptured prior to the update remained recaptured and had to be reclaimed still.

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