The Settings Menu can be accessed from the bottom left corner of the screen when viewing the World Map or a Area's Map.

The icon moves between the setting gear, the Game Center icon, and the Facebook icon.

While in the The Settings Menu players can adjust the audio volume setting in the top-left corner for game sounds and music.

Player are able to log in to Facebook in the top-right corner of the Settings Menu, by pressing on the "Facebook Login" button which will redirect the player to the device's browser to log into Facebook.

In the middle of the Settings are options to "Restore Purchases", view the player's Game Center/Facebook name, and the option to turn game notifications on and off.

At the bottom of the Settings Menu are five buttons which can be selected.

The first button to the right is a red button with the Backflip Studios's "B" logo. If the player presses the button it will open the "About" screen.

The second button to the right is an orange button with a question mark ("?") on it. If the player presses the button it will open the "Help" screen.

The last three buttons are a blue button with the Facebook "f" logo, a green button with an envelope, and a cyan button with the Twitter bird logo. If the player presses these buttons he/she can invite friends via Facebook, SMS text messaging, and Twitter respectively.


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