SpellFall allows players to buy items for his/her hero in the store.

While in the store players can buy listed weapon, armor, and runes for his/her hero's sockets.

The store holds up to seven items at a time. After a battle, if the store is closed while displaying more than six items, any items to the right of the sixth item will disappear from the list of available purchases. Items that will become unavailable can be identified by a glowing red aura around them.

  • It is suggested that if there is an item a player wants that he/she buys it before it reaches the end of the shop row.
  • One strategy of gaining gold is to not battle but continually log into SpellFall and collect gold from completed regions.
  • If an item you desire has reached the end of the shop row and will become unavailable, and you lack the funds to purchase that item immediately, it is possible to purchase a different, cheaper item from the list, reducing the total size of the list to below the item removal threshold. This does require that you have sufficient funds to purchase the cheaper item.

Players have an option to buy mystery boxes from the store as well.

  • These items are purchased with real money.

The store has an option to reset all the items displayed for a certain amount of gold which increases with each hero's level.

  • The items in the store are random so there is no guarantee a specific items will appear.

Level Amount
1 GoldIcon ???
2 GoldIcon 200
3 GoldIcon ???
4 GoldIcon 550
5 GoldIcon 800
6 GoldIcon 1050
7 GoldIcon ???
8 GoldIcon ???
9 GoldIcon ???
10 GoldIcon ???


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