The World Map opens upon loading SpellFall after tapping the main screen.

An example of the World Map can be seen below, but different colors on the World Map represent different stages of area completion.

  • Green: represents an area the player has completely cleared.
  • Purple: represents an area the player has partially cleared. Recaptured areas also appear purple, with a flag over them.
  • Tan: represents an area the player has not unlocked yet.

The areas which are not unlocked are the same color as the rest of the World Map and have a picture of a lock over them.

From the World Map screen players may enter the Store, his/her Inventory, the Setting Menu, and the Medical Aid feature.

Additionally, players can see how much gold he/she has, be redirected to purchase items with real money, and be redirected back to the main screen.


Gold CollectionEdit

If an area is completely cleaed, the player earns gold from those areas after a certain amount of time passes.

Below is a table showing the amount of gold which can be collected from an area on the World Map when it is at maximum capacity.

  • An area is at maximum capacity when the gold stacks are glowing.

Area Maximum Amount of Gold 1st Recaptured Maximum 2nd Recaptured Maximum
Everlight Village GoldIcon 280
Augur's Forest GoldIcon 360 GoldIcon 1,990
Nightsbanes Tower GoldIcon 460 GoldIcon 590 GoldIcon 1,240
Ruins of Chronis GoldIcon 600 GoldIcon 790
Temple of Water GoldIcon 690 (old?) GoldIcon 900 GoldIcon 1,010
Koperov Ironworks GoldIcon 790 GoldIcon 1,130
Temple of Flame GoldIcon 1,010 GoldIcon 1,460 GoldIcon 1,990
Lost City of Kytish GoldIcon 1,240 GoldIcon 1,460 GoldIcon 1,990
Temple of Earth GoldIcon 1,460
Denkuts Cavern GoldIcon 1,660
Temple of Spark GoldIcon 1,820
Korimoor GoldIcon 1,880
Temple of Cold GoldIcon 1,930
Darkon Vale GoldIcon 1990
Darkon Castle GoldIcon 1,990


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