Yaggerty's axe is one of the rare legendary weapons in SpellFall. Its in-game description states that it was "crafted by the great blacksmith "Spider Boots". This weapon is really useful in battle as every attack is almost always a critical hit and as it will provide an extra move, something that could be the difference between winning and losing a fight.

Yaggerty's Axe
Attack AttackIcon 53
Rarity white (legendary)
Buy GoldIcon N/A
Rune Sockets 0
Max Sockets 5
Ability extra move = 25%

critical chance = 50%

first strike = 50%

stun chance = 25%

   AttackIcon    This is only one of a few possible starting statistics for the rarity of this weapon.    AttackIcon 
   Tri-Elemental Icon   Note: Weapons appear with different levels of rarity and only the levels displayed in the game are listed above.

Rune Socket Number Cost To Unlock Cost To Sell
1 ??? ???


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